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We start with an ingredient of the moment, taken from the 100+ year old market just outside our doors, and feature it across seven set flavour profiles (Boozy, Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Classic, Bird-Brained, and Light.) Once that ingredient runs out, we move on to our next ingredient. Not into the featured ingredient? Either trust us and try it anyway, or taste our take on timeless tipples. We are always eager to help match your whims and whimsies to the perfect whistle wetter, so never hesitate to ask us which classic, craft, or custom cocktail is right for you.

We offer a diverse and guest driven spirits program for all the neat and on the rocks purists out there. From Islay to Oaxaca, we've got a range of Whiskys, Rums, Mezcals, Jenevers, Korenwijns, Tequilas, Gins, Vodkas, Grappas, Cogancs, and so on waiting for you to sip on. We rotate our menu frequently, so come take a peak at our backbar and ask our staff what's new. We love talking about booze. 


Photo by Marek Brychcy

Beers & Wine


Coming Soon

We keep it simple: we got a "just a beer", a "just a glass of red", and a "just a glass of white." We also have different craft beers with a local emphasis and a diverse, unique selection of wines by the bottle to share with friends. Or not. No judgement. Ask us about our Kopstootje and Boilermaker pairings.

Bar Bites

Come hungry, we've got bar bite and hometown favorites with an elevated, bite-sized twist for your snacking pleasure. Vegetarian, Carnivore, Halal, Glutton free, Keto

--- whatever, we've got something for you to munch. We wouldn't be doing our location justice if we didn't feature the fresh food just outside our doors, so get ready for some Albert Cuyp Delights. 


Coming Soon

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