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we're Back (Kinda)

The Flight Crew is still our of the office, but that doesn't mean we don't have loads of fun for our Bar Birds in store! Our friends will be running a series of Pop-Ups in the space for your enjoyment! Missed our latest Fun with the Summer of Rum series? Sign up for our new letter of follow us on Instagram so you'll never be left our of the loop again!

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Game Show From Home

Fridays @20hr

airing on a zoom near you

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Born in our first lockdown, brough back by popular demand for a season two live in the nest, and now returning to its roots on a zoom near you..... drum roll.... GAME SHOW FROM HOME is back! 

We are delighted to bring you season 3 of competitve games (loosely) based on TV Game Shows all from the comfort of Your home.  From Jeopardy to Cupcake Wars, to Bob Ross/Project Runway, to Family Feud, we've got no shortage of wild games to liven up your weekend, so watch this spot and our Instagram for specifics on our weekly  Game Show From Home. Win prizes, have fun, and let your creativity fly! To join us or request more info, simply send an email to

Cocktail Tastings


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Want to learn more about cocktails so you can order a drink at any bar like a pro? Want to learn more about spirits so you can drop the jaws of your house guests as their mouths water while looking at your perfetly curated home bar? Want to do some drinking with the glorious excuse of the pursuit of knowledge? All from the comfort of your socially distant home, you say? Then have we got the solution for you. Cocktail tastings are hosted by our Flight Crew with special guest speakers to bring you a fun way to learn while you drink. Our sessions include 6 cocktail tasters, 6 spirit tasters, info from our team and guest spearks via a live zoom session, and all the fun facts you'll ever need to impress your friends and family/justify all the time you spend in bars with knowledge. To sign up for our mailing list or for more info, send us an email at

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